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Published: Tuesday, 18 March 2014

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Ctrl-Prt is a cloud-based managed print services software focused on the management and optimization of printer and copier fleets.

The management and optimization of document output devices is a task that is generic to most businesses and assists in keeping printing infrastructure expenses at the least possible cost. The cost of consumables represents approximately 70% of total contract costs over a three year contractual period. Ctrl-Prt helps reduce these costs.


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What Can Ctrl-Print do for your business?

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  • Provide data intelligence on all your customer's networked printers / MFPs.
  • Control consumable waste
  • Save unnecessary service calls
  • Control consumable sales / fulfillment
  • Provide sales opportunities through historical reporting
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Competitive advantage / Combat threats


Ctrl-Prt’s consumable yield management software is designed to assist dealers through a streamlined MPS processes. Unlike other MPS tracking software systems, Ctrl-Prt’s NubePrint MPS system collects data intelligence from printer fleets that enhance the existing and future assessment tools in order to maintain the most accurate MPS services

The requirements to be successful and reduce costs should not depend on your knowledge of customer business processes, but through the efficiency in providing a service to an installed base of printers and copiers. The delivery of such a service is strongly influenced by the printer and copier and its degree of MPS compliance.

It has a direct impact on the quality of the service to the end-customer and the profit of the service provider. Ctrl-Prt features NubePrint’s exclusive Predictability Outcome Technology®. This innovative technology allows any MPS participant to become more efficient and profitable than their competitors while providing enhanced service to their customers.

If your business is one that relies on selling, operating, and maintaining printers and copiers for businesses of 5 or more devices, Ctrl-Prt is a solution for you. Ctrl-Prt will offer your business the knowledge and resources required to make your business more efficient and profitable.


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