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About Ctrl-Print

By: Super User
Published: Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Why Choose Ctrl-Prt? - Look no further than the Dashboard

Ctrl-Prt Dashboard is a professional tool that lets you easily get into Managed Print Services.
You can start managing your customer’s printers and copiers with ease.


Ctrl-Prt Dashboard provides you:

  • Printer and copier counters.
  • Consumable and technical alerts:
    • Automatically
    • Filtered and validated
    • In your email just on time
  • Daily online status updates per printer including:
    • Counters (black and color)
    • Consumables levels
    • Date of installation of consumables
    • Consumables sent to the customers
    • Days remaining before a consumable is exhausted
    • Unused toner in the consumable at the time it’s replaced


All of it with little effort required by you:

  • No need for training
  • No complex software installation required
  • Access from anywhere using the Ctrl-Prt Dashboard (including tablets and smart phones)
  • Up and running instantly: order it & instantly get the confirmation email with your Ctrl-Prt access codes
  • Accurate information supported by NubePrint’s exclusive Predictability Outcome Technology.
  • Unlimited access to updated device status and printer portfolio on-click view
  • Monthly report for billing pages:
    • Initial meter counter
    • Final meter counter
    • Pages printed black/color
  • Software updates included


Managing Ctrl-Prt Dashboard:

  • Create a project for each individual customer or customer location
  • Email is sent with a customized CPM (DCA). This is the software that captures the data from the printers and copiers.
  • Run CPM in a PC of your customer’s network. It will discover all printers and copiers at your customer’ site and report information to Ctrl-Prt.
  • All printers will appear in your Ctrl-Prt Dashboard.
  • Use a tablet, PC, or smart phone with internet access to get the most updated information of the printers and copiers.
  • Alerts are sent to your email for your most convenient action.